Sunday, 27 May 2007

Time was short

over the last few days so bits and bobs were done in the garden, and a little in the allotment.
I bought some strawberry plants, 5 different varieties - Hapil, Cambridge favorite, Pegasus, Rhapsody and Pandora, and popped them in a grow bag. Hopefully we will have a small put varied selection this year, and can do a taste test so as to concentrate on a couple of choices next year in larger amounts.
I also bought another small 3 tier plastic greenhouse, the same as the one i am currently using for staging in the greenhouse. At just under a tenner its a cheap and quick piece of equipment which will used behind the greenhouse but without its plastic covering, mainly to put the grow bags onto so they can avoid the slugs.
Along with the strawberry's is the salad leaves, half of which were bought early in the season and half which have been sown for the next crop (Little Gem and Mixed Green leaves). I also sowed plenty more salad crops at the plot, which by now have been watered in well by the foul weather we have had over the bank holiday, (no change there then!).

Thanks to Iain for showing his face in the blog last time with his educator hat sitting tight on his head, although not applying his own high standards to his own latest blog entry to my amusement.

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