Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I finally got round to getting my seeds and started today with some sowing. I hadn't been to the plot for 2 weeks due to weather and stuff, last time i managed alot of tidying and digging with my son, and i need to soon plant the spuds. They are nicely chitting in the shed, along with the onions waiting to go in.
So today i sowed in pots some swiss chard 'galaxy' , kale 'dwarf green curled' and put in 20 cloves of garlic 'white' which i have never started in pots before but was reading is possible for those times when your unable to get out into the ground straight away.
I'm also going to use the rotovator that been sitting in my shed for a few years, as i am happy i have removed enough weed for it not to be a huge shredding and spreading fest! You'll never get rid of every weed, but i'm going to risk it for some areas this year to aid the potato planting and other root veg.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

sun 28th feb

The kids and myself went to see the allotment just to see what state it was in, just to remind myself of the work i need to do over the next month to get it up to speed. In the end it was quite mild with the sun shinning and the kids seemed happy digging for worms so i managed to start digging in the green manure at the top of the plot.
At the bottom end of the plot it looks a little untidy but i dont think it will be too much work. The swiss chard, celery and parsnips roots still in the ground need removing, a little weeding.
I also went with my son to the garden center and picked up my seed potatoes and onions, i'll list varieties soon.