Friday, 27 July 2007

Update: The Plot 2

Pumpkins taking over in the front and at the back left, back right being the poorly producing courgettes.At the front are the carrots 'Chateney red cored 2' which are good tasting and nicely shaped so far. Behind are the turnips and swede which are now starting to look like producing a reasonable crop. And behind them are some Pak Choi which bolted as soon as they got in the ground.
Carrots 'Artemis F1' and onions 'Stuttgart giant'
Runner beans starting to form, even if looking a little thin so far.

Update: The Plot 1

My first ever turnips. And pretty good too, cubed and pan fried in butter with brown sugar to caramelize them. I have also just pureed some for my son who will be starting solids soon. One of the pumpkins that are rambling over the plot.
Some of the latest lettuce, one of the success yet again this year. I'm so surprised with the wet weather we've had that more haven't been devastated by the slugs but all have been pretty much untouched.
One of the biggest disappointments this year has to be the main crop potatoes 'King Edward'. They hardly produced any foliage and this small bunch was the result of a whole row. I probably put more in the ground than that to start with. Thankfully the early/salad potatoes have been quite good so far. I notice and hear from others at the plots that red skinned varieties do quite well here so i think i'll try them next year.
Sweetcorn looking pretty sorry with only a couple looking like I'll get something from them. I think i had them in too smaller pots from seed, normally i grow them in toilet rolls and they get to a good size before going in, but modules didn't agree with them this year. Cgard in the background which has been producing well this year. I have a recipe for a chard gratin that we will try soon.

Update: Greenhouse

This was the greenhouse a week or so ago, i thinned it out a bit after this which i think was needed!

This is the first pepper of the season, and there are more coming on now.
This is the chilli Padron which is about 5 ft tall, and now has a few fruits growing, although not many for the size of the plant so far.
Some really meaty looking tom's, 'Nyagous' just waiting for the sun to come and ripen them up. (Please!!!)
My first few 'Big Jim's' which are a couple of inches long now. I dont think i'm gonna win the competition but i think i'll beat Bigdougfromdorset which is all that matters.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Tenby again

This week we also managed to get down to Tenby again, the weather was not to bad becoming quite sunny in the afternoons so that Isobel could get into her new wetsuit and properly splash around in the sea.We also went to Folly Farm which is a brilliant place for kids, lots to do and many animals to see. Isobel above liked patting the donkey, and saw lemurs, tapir, wallaby's, pygmy goats and loads of different sheep. After the car ride she so obviously enjoyed at Mats last weekend i took her on the go-karts, not for my enjoyment at all, no.

Monday, 16 July 2007

The weekend

We had a weekend away to see some of my family, and to attend the christening of my friends Mat and Lucy's daughter Phoebe. It was a great weekend, the kids had alot of fun and it was so good to catch up with everyone one. More photos are up on the blog of the wise old sage sammypafc here.

My daughter enjoying the ben's fort
Ian (Sammypafc) and his lovely wife alison
Doug (bigguyupfromtheback or variation there of)
The lovely main attraction Phoebe and my son Max get aquainted,
Isobel being chauffeured around and quite enjoying it.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

this years varities

This is more for my records if anything, but these are the seeds i have planted this year. I'll update the list later in the year with comments.

Leek - Armor, Lyon Prize taker
Beetroot - Boltardy, Perfect 3
Pak Choi - China Choi
Turnip - Golden Ball
Parsley - moss curled 2
Chard - White Silver 2
Lettuce - Little Gem, mixed green leaves (johnsons)
Basil - Lemon, Sweet Genovese
Cauliflower - Snowball
Carrot - Early Nantes 2, Artemis F1, Chateney red cored 2
Squash - Uchiki Kuri, Butternut
Courgette - Albarello Di Sarzana, Gold rush F1
Swede - Marian
Broccoli - Purple sprouting early
Calabrase - Pacifica
Brussels - Cascade F1
Cabbage - Ormskirk Late(Savoy)
Broad Beans - Witkiem
Tomatoes - Gardeners delight, Camp Joy, Nyagous
Cucumber - Passandra F1
Runner Beans - Scarlet Emperor
French Bean - Fortex
Spinach - Hector F1
Aubergine - Orlando, Black Beauty
Chillies - Big Jim, Padron, Early Jalapeno, Etna
Parsnip - merlin F1
onion (sets) - stuttgart giant
Potatoes - Pink fir apple, King Edward
Sweetcorn - miracle F1

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Back again

with another update, about time really!
Small but tasty crop from the one blue berry plant.
very good with my weetabix in the morning!!
I have been popping down to the plot for half an hour here and there, collecting lettuce, picking my (finally) first few courgettes, training the pumpkins across the plot, planting the second lot of runner beans and the French climbing beans also. I put in the butternut squash plants, and also sowed some more seed for them in case they don't take. The spinach as i said before was bolting and i didn't even get any leaves of them as they all went to seed, so i removed most of them and put in the Pak Choi which look quite healthy. This was the second sowing of Pak Choi as the first ones died suddenly before i got them in. I have also sowed further rows of 'Boltardy' beetroot although the previous sowings are now coming along nicely.

As we now have had a few days of sun at last i also managed to dig up the first few early potatoes and pulled a few carrots. The onions are ones i grew in a container in the garden before i was given the nod with the new plot. Currently the plot spring sown onions are bulbing up nicely, alongside the carrots which seems to have deterred the carrot fly this year. Even the broadcast sown patch of carrots seem untouched at the moment.I have also attacked the central weed area with shears and, unfortunately, chemicals. I was fighting a losing battle with the couch grass and bindweed as i just could not put in the time to properly dig it all out. I have always said i would never use chemicals on the crops but if required it would be used on weeds. I was having difficulty getting the stuff on the area and having a dry period so it was not washed off, but managed to last week, and today put a second application. Hopefully this will at least bide me some time till i can get the spade into it.

In the greenhouse the tomatoes are fruiting up nicely, chillies are flowering and i have a couple of peppers coming on well. The aubergines are looking healthy although no sings of fruit yet. The cucumber has grown to the roof but does not look too healthy and most of the fruits are not making much progress. I am wondering whether to cut my losses and remove it from an already overcrowded greenhouse and make more room for the rest of the plants.

I shall get the camera out for both the greenhouse and plot soon and update again next week, as i am on holiday then. Yipee!!!!!

Finally a cheeky monkey

and a messy bunny!!!!
Bonus points to who can name the CD she is eating.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Child labour

is great really when it works! My daughter helped to shell the broad beans once she realized she didn't like to eat them, taking the pod to pieces to find the beans was fun to do.