Friday, 27 July 2007

Update: The Plot 1

My first ever turnips. And pretty good too, cubed and pan fried in butter with brown sugar to caramelize them. I have also just pureed some for my son who will be starting solids soon. One of the pumpkins that are rambling over the plot.
Some of the latest lettuce, one of the success yet again this year. I'm so surprised with the wet weather we've had that more haven't been devastated by the slugs but all have been pretty much untouched.
One of the biggest disappointments this year has to be the main crop potatoes 'King Edward'. They hardly produced any foliage and this small bunch was the result of a whole row. I probably put more in the ground than that to start with. Thankfully the early/salad potatoes have been quite good so far. I notice and hear from others at the plots that red skinned varieties do quite well here so i think i'll try them next year.
Sweetcorn looking pretty sorry with only a couple looking like I'll get something from them. I think i had them in too smaller pots from seed, normally i grow them in toilet rolls and they get to a good size before going in, but modules didn't agree with them this year. Cgard in the background which has been producing well this year. I have a recipe for a chard gratin that we will try soon.

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