Saturday, 21 July 2007

Tenby again

This week we also managed to get down to Tenby again, the weather was not to bad becoming quite sunny in the afternoons so that Isobel could get into her new wetsuit and properly splash around in the sea.We also went to Folly Farm which is a brilliant place for kids, lots to do and many animals to see. Isobel above liked patting the donkey, and saw lemurs, tapir, wallaby's, pygmy goats and loads of different sheep. After the car ride she so obviously enjoyed at Mats last weekend i took her on the go-karts, not for my enjoyment at all, no.


arno said...

Of course you didn't do it for your own enjoyment, how could anyone think otherwise

OfcourseArsenalwillfinishaboveLiverpool said...

Did you say Folly Farm? Are you telling me there could be a little ginger boy running around Wales nicknamed Folly because he lives on a farm? Scary.