Friday, 27 July 2007

Update: Greenhouse

This was the greenhouse a week or so ago, i thinned it out a bit after this which i think was needed!

This is the first pepper of the season, and there are more coming on now.
This is the chilli Padron which is about 5 ft tall, and now has a few fruits growing, although not many for the size of the plant so far.
Some really meaty looking tom's, 'Nyagous' just waiting for the sun to come and ripen them up. (Please!!!)
My first few 'Big Jim's' which are a couple of inches long now. I dont think i'm gonna win the competition but i think i'll beat Bigdougfromdorset which is all that matters.


Bigdougfromdorset said...

Nice Big Jims. Mine are still developing but they will not be catching yours up by the look of things. Hungarian hot wax are doing well. Greenhouse looks like it is working well.

LeeTrundleisalegend said...

You've got a weener compared to mine! The Big Jims seem to enjoy the enviroment of a nice conservatory (at Kev's house). My plants are about 4 foot high, with some of the chillis measuring 8 inches in lenth. Am struggling with small white flies on the plant - any advise? Will try to post a picture soon.

arn said...

sounds like aphids to me, either remove by hand or a very dilute soapy liquid wash. probably best to check out the RHS website for best advice.
mines now about 12cm long - big jim that is..