Monday, 16 July 2007

The weekend

We had a weekend away to see some of my family, and to attend the christening of my friends Mat and Lucy's daughter Phoebe. It was a great weekend, the kids had alot of fun and it was so good to catch up with everyone one. More photos are up on the blog of the wise old sage sammypafc here.

My daughter enjoying the ben's fort
Ian (Sammypafc) and his lovely wife alison
Doug (bigguyupfromtheback or variation there of)
The lovely main attraction Phoebe and my son Max get aquainted,
Isobel being chauffeured around and quite enjoying it.


sammypafc said...

Found it! Nice photos, Paul. The vegetables are very interesting (I've moved on to the previous blogs with that comment not Dougie and myself of course.)

Matt,Lucy,TheBen&Phoebe said...

Great to see you all yesterday. Thanks for coming and I hope the drive home wasn't too painful. As Iain says, great pics with all the kids looking very cute (although don't think I didn't notice Max charming Phoebe with his smiles.) Must say, all the kids behaved immaculately, a tribute to all our parenting skills, I am sure you will agree.