Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Starting to tidy up the plot now and get things ready for the new season. I removed all the remaining plants (chard, swedes) still in the ground and have started to dig the soil over. The spring greens are still in the ground, although the cabbages and cauliflowers are not looking great, only a few have survived. The sprouting broccoli are appearing stronger though and a couple have even started to sprout so a small crop may still be had hopefully.

I also have bought a fruit collection from Aldi which was only £1.99 and is 3 roots, a redcurrant Jonkheer van Tets, Goosberry Red dessert, and Raspberry Glen Ample.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Well the plot has not changed much since the previous photos, and i still need to remove the remain chard and half eaten (slugs) swedes.

I have though been starting preparation for this year and been buying seeds. After buying all the seeds last year from a catalogue and have most fail, mostly due to the weather, i have decided to buy mostly seeds from stores nearby which are a little cheaper, and if i want a particular variety to get that specially. Reports of the seeds from the shop/chain i used are good on the allotments4all website which i highly recommend.

I still have some seeds left over from last year, either bought or saved from own produce. But these are the ones i bought the other day.

Sweetcorn - F1 swift
Beetroot- boltardy
beetroot - globe 2
Climbing french bean - blue lake
Dwarf french bean - the prince
Pea - kelvedon wonder
leek - musselboutgh
cauliflower - all the year round
broccoli - autumn spear
parsnip - white gem
courgette - zucchini F1
carrot - early nantes 5

There are alot of familiar names/varieties but all the packets were 70p/80p!!
I also picked up a packet of Red Baron red onions, which i have used before and have some success with. I found they do tend to bolt easily,but gave tasty onions on those that didn't succumb to disease.
In the past i think i have always autumn planted them and didn't plan to put any in this year but they were 99p a packet of 75 so thought i could plant them amongst the carrots this year to help deter the carrot fly.

I'm still unsure whether to plant alot of my seeds direct or start of in modules this year. A lot of the failures i had last year direct sowing i think was down to the weather but i'm not sure if i want to take the risk this year although it could mean alot of seed trays hanging around in the garden! But i suppose if many fail i will have not lost as much money this year because of the low seed prices.

I have also bought 2 apple trees for the garden, as we are not allowed to plant trees at the allotments. They were also available from the same shop and at £4.99 each it was to good to pass up my wife and i decided. We got Granny Smith and Elstar varieties which will polinate each other.