Monday, 12 November 2007

I have now

mostly cleared what needs to be out before winter sets in, and have covered the grassy area after weed killing it so that it should be much more manageable in the spring. All that is left in now is the last of the chard, a few swede's and the last of the carrots which are a little small and several actually were probably attacked by some bug, i need to look up the damage a carrot fly does before i pronounce him guilty.

The other winter crops are the solitary savoy cabbage who still looks good, and the spring cabbages, cauiflowers and sprouting broccolis. These are mostly looking healthy, certainly 90% have survived, although about another 10% still look a little small and pigeon attacked.

I also have now planted my overwintering onion sets and garlic. (L to R) 2 rows of Autumn Champion went in, then a row of garlic which consisted of 2/3 of a row being Spanish Roja, and the remainder being Purple Georgian Wight which i got at the Cowbridge food and drink festival this year. The next two rows are onions Swift which i have done before and were good croppers and stored well.

I also have now cleared the greenhouse of the last pepper plant, cleaned the glass inside and now all that remains is the herbs which seem to be doing well.