Monday, 15 October 2007

Etna chillies

now picked and strung to dry. Aided by my daughter we picked them on Sunday, although half way through picking them i realized that probably letting my daughter help me wasn't the smartest move if she decided to rub her eyes or lick her fingers!!! The idea of trying to get cold milk down to cool her down wouldn't be easy!! Thankfully mission was accomplished and hands washed quickly.
Amazed at how quickly these are turning red.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Tidying up

in the greenhouse this morning, and picked a lot of the chillies. Most went in the freezer but i've strung a few up in the kitchen to dry, but mostly for show!
I have been using 2 three tier greenhouses for staging and keeping grow bags and plant pots on. I always intended to move one into the greenhouse as staging but today got round to sorting it out. When i looked at them one was quite unsteady and the other was older and the plastic had degraded in several points. I ended up canabalizing them to make to make a three tier, then added another tier, until i settled on a five tier shelving system!! I popped the herb pots onto it, and also sowed more coriander and basil. I got round to weedkilling the floor and covering with gravel also.

The remains of the greenhouses!!!
This the Etna chilli, great looking clusters of chillies but the leaves are looking a little lackluster currently. I am going to dry these when they've all turned red.
I went onto the BigJim Chilli competition site (link below somewhere) to update my entry but its closed now, with the winner growing one to about 32cm. I only managed at one 19.5cm but still quite chuffed at he result. The site are going to announce next years competition in November so i may attempt that also.