Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Caught in the act!!!

The strawberries have now produced 41 plants, and another dozen are still in pots around the growbags waiting to be cut away.
I noticed that some of the plants had become a little ragged looking and then noticed several of these on the leaves!!!

Well this i planted thinking it was a courgette but clearly its one of the pumpkins, which made me look at the four pumpkin plants i planted in a row, and yes - not pumpkins but courgettes!!! Makes me wonder about the other squashes i have in, what are they going to be ???!!!
Above is the rows of chard and salads, and the area cleared of the blighted tom's. I have sown there some winter lettuce and oriental salad leaves. Below are the sweetcorn which are still a little short but seem to be producing tassles, and with a bit more sun hopefully will put on some more growth. In amongst the sweetcorn 'should' be 2 butternut squash! In the background are the runner beans which have started producing some nice beans.
The onions are all now up and in the shed drying, the area has been raked and sown with an autumn/winter green manure.

Monday, 3 August 2009

All photo's were taken about a week ago. This is the tray of some of the strawberry plants that i have managed to propergate so far, i added another tray today and have another potential 20 in the pots around the growbags.
Here are the chilli plants, the first is the jalapeƱo and the second is the Fresno plant which has alot more fruits on it, some trying to turn red also.
The tomatoes in the greenhouse, which are looking okay after surviving a few days without watering when we were away, we are getting a few fruits every day but my 2 year old boy is straight in there daily to pick them before i even have a chance to get them!!
This was the tomatoes at the plot the other day which had gone a bit wild and outgrown the canes and tying in i had done, but i went to the plot this evening and they had all sucumb to blight and i needed to remove the whole lot unfortuantly. The blight has started on the potatoes also so i started removing the halms of the main crop row, and completed digging up the second earlies.

I think this is a great photo, perhaps because it looks so uniformly 'like an allotment' that you might see in a book or down your site! (pity the rest of the plot is not the same!!) You can see the chard onthe left followed by the french beans, pumpkins, pak choi, little gem lettuce, beetroot and then some rasberry canes on the right side.
The runner beans and peas, which i have now completed the wire netting support for, and they (the peas) are coming up great. We have had a good crop this year again but i still need to do more next year i think, the kids love picking podding and eating them. Once the netting is up they are pretty trouble free to be honest.
The runner bean flowers and the first picking!.