Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Well this i planted thinking it was a courgette but clearly its one of the pumpkins, which made me look at the four pumpkin plants i planted in a row, and yes - not pumpkins but courgettes!!! Makes me wonder about the other squashes i have in, what are they going to be ???!!!
Above is the rows of chard and salads, and the area cleared of the blighted tom's. I have sown there some winter lettuce and oriental salad leaves. Below are the sweetcorn which are still a little short but seem to be producing tassles, and with a bit more sun hopefully will put on some more growth. In amongst the sweetcorn 'should' be 2 butternut squash! In the background are the runner beans which have started producing some nice beans.
The onions are all now up and in the shed drying, the area has been raked and sown with an autumn/winter green manure.

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