Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Just a quick post - sweetcorn now in, and another courgette plant at the plot, and one in a pot at home but that has been mostly destroyed by slugs so i'm not sure if it will survive.
I picked the first french dwarf beans today, and noted that the peas have also started putting pods on. I now have more dwarf beans to put in, and all the squashes are looking promising and will follow on over the next few weeks.

The weather has been terrible for the last 2 days, but good for the garden as they say, although my almost empty water buts will need alot more before they refill. One thing i need to sort out before this winter is water storage so i have a better supply throughout next year.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

No posts...

but i have been busy at the plot and in the garden. At the plot i have again earthed up the potatoes, thinned again the parsnips, swede and turnips, and sowed 2 rows of leeks, a little late but hopefully they'll come through. The second sowings of beetroot and carrots have come on well too, need thinning soon, and i continue to weed everywhere. I have also put in 2 small rows of spinach beet, and the 3 chard plants have also taken well.

Below is my daughter with the sunflower in the garden, she is looking for ants!

In the greenhouse, sweetcorn ready to go out, in the red posts are more dwarf french beans, and also in the tray are the 4 butternut squash, 2 courgettes, and in the next tray 6 crown prince pumpkins.
In the next trays are the next sowing of mixed lettuce, a pot of herbs, the lower green tray has basil and the two at the bottom are yellow sun courgettes.
The cherry tomato plant is doing really well setting flowers already, and the pepper plant a little slower but making progress.
This is a pumpkin, variety unknown, that i was given by Jack my nephew , to see who could grow the largest pumpkin from it. I have now planted it at the plot, photo next time.