Thursday, 12 July 2007

this years varities

This is more for my records if anything, but these are the seeds i have planted this year. I'll update the list later in the year with comments.

Leek - Armor, Lyon Prize taker
Beetroot - Boltardy, Perfect 3
Pak Choi - China Choi
Turnip - Golden Ball
Parsley - moss curled 2
Chard - White Silver 2
Lettuce - Little Gem, mixed green leaves (johnsons)
Basil - Lemon, Sweet Genovese
Cauliflower - Snowball
Carrot - Early Nantes 2, Artemis F1, Chateney red cored 2
Squash - Uchiki Kuri, Butternut
Courgette - Albarello Di Sarzana, Gold rush F1
Swede - Marian
Broccoli - Purple sprouting early
Calabrase - Pacifica
Brussels - Cascade F1
Cabbage - Ormskirk Late(Savoy)
Broad Beans - Witkiem
Tomatoes - Gardeners delight, Camp Joy, Nyagous
Cucumber - Passandra F1
Runner Beans - Scarlet Emperor
French Bean - Fortex
Spinach - Hector F1
Aubergine - Orlando, Black Beauty
Chillies - Big Jim, Padron, Early Jalapeno, Etna
Parsnip - merlin F1
onion (sets) - stuttgart giant
Potatoes - Pink fir apple, King Edward
Sweetcorn - miracle F1

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