Friday, 18 May 2007

In the greenhouse

i see that the cucumber has already started to show a few fruits!! I know a couple of the leaves look a little wilted, water was soon given. The grow bag i am using has quite dark soil so sometimes its a little hard to see at a glance how dried out it is, although i know cucumbers prefer slightly moist soil all the time. I have double bagged the grow bags and placed a plastic bottle in the middle to disperse the water straight down to the bottom. The aubergine has put on a little growth so far but i expect to come good in the next few months.
I have 2 blueberry bushes that my dad gave me last year for my birthday, both mid-season varieties called 'patriot' and 'herbert'. I am not sure why only one, 'patriot', had decided to flower this year as you can see from the 2 photos.

i managed to get half an hour at the allotment last night and planted the second tray of beetroot, and planted some lettuce seedlings also, but did not manage to sow some more lettuce as intended. On the list of things to do next week when i have time off from work except sunday and monday. Child care permitting i will finished the main weeding area and get generally busy!

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bigdougfromFlorida said...

Hello dude. Looking good in the greenhouse. I reckon mine might be growing well by now providing the wife is watering!!! Talk about the land of plenty, every morning I see hundreds of Mexicans watering car parks to wash away the minute amount of dust that might have blown in during the night. Meanwhile back in blighty we will have a water ban soon!!!