Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Last week

at the allotment i managed to get loads done before the days upon days of rain we've had set in. I finished one area which needed weeding, Unfortunately i had to dig up the three dreaded weeds of any plot - couch grass, bindweed, and mares tail. Oh and many a old rotten potato from the last owner!!
I have one patch left which is mostly couch grass in the center of the plot, but I'm not gonna get there for a few days yet.
I did also manage to plant some seedlings that i had in the garden, of which some normally wouldn't go out so early this month but with the hot hot hot April we've had they have marched on and outgrown their pots. I ended up putting in 2 brussel sprout plants, the beetroot, cauliflower, cabbage, chard and calabrase too. With the cauliflower and chard i sowed a few rows of seeds too for successional planting.
This photo also shows the sweetcorn. I have put 16 plants in a 4x4 block but also sowed two rows of another 4 too see if they come up. Just below the picture i have put in some spinach and pak choi which did well last year in pots so we'll see how they do this year in a plot.

I previously sowed in a seed bed rows of beetroot, parsnip, swede, turnip and carrots. I will get a photo soon, but lots has sprung up but at the moment its hard to tell whats seedlings and what are weeds!!, Need to do straighter rows next time, that might help! Time will tell.
My broad beans seem to be doing well and will need netting soon. This is the first time i have done them, i understand that very young beans are very good. I also have a broad bean hummus recipe i want to try out this summer.


bigdougfromtexas said...

Hello Arn, thought I would leave your first comment from good ole' Texas where the weather is a balmy 31 degrees!! Allotment looks good, fancy any cactus in there? I could slip down to San Antonio and pick a few up?

arn said...

Hey TexasDoug
With all the rain we've had i think they may have slight problem with climate adjustment!