Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The Greenhouse

was erected over 3 days due to childcare stuff and high winds which meant there was no way i could have held it up and put together on my own. I bought a Halls popular greenhouse 4 x 6. i would have liked a larger one but it was not really feasible in our garden and it will be enough for what i currently need it for.
On the whole i would give this greenhouse a solid 8 - 8.5/10 for ease of assembly, coming from someone who's never done it before. Delivery and contact with the company was excellent also.
The first day i sat in the garden listening to BBC 5live's always excellent football coverage and put together the sides and gable ends. These were pretty straight forward.

The door was just as easy to assemble apart from fitting the rubber runners which started out as very time consuming moving an inch at a time. I then spray the rubber track it was fitting to with some WD40 and this helped a lot. The picture below shows the rubber being slowly inserted.


Arno said...

Looks like you had a "little helper" with you for part of the time!

Bigdoug said...

She won't grow any quicker in the greenhouse you know :-)