Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Tom's and chillies

I started to put my plants into the greenhouse, and used one of those plastic three tier greenhouses as staging. The plastic had perished over the last winter but it will do for this year, and I'll look into proper staging next year. However it may well serve the purpose well, as i can remove it easily and put down more grow bags if required.
I bought my tomato and chilli pepper seeds this year from The Chilli Seed Company which is a good site, i recommend you check it out. Tomatoes that i bought were:

  • Camp Joy - Heavy bearing heirloom variety that offers an abundance of luscious fruit with huge, well-balanced, sweet tomato flavours.
  • Nyagous - Great black tomato that is blemish-free! Cricket ball-sized fruits are borne in clusters of up to six fruits, very productive. Excellent full flavour, one of our all-time favourites.
The chilli plants that i'm trying this year are:
  • NuMex Big Jim, This chili is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest pepper. It produces long, thick, smooth, fleshy fruits. Because of the large pods, the chili is a favourite of home gardeners and chefs for making chili rellenos.
  • Etna - Chilli Heat 9 An early, hot Italian chilli pepper. Compact plant which produces bunches of conical dark green fruits which grow upwards, turning bright red when ripe. Can also be grown in a container. Voted 9th hottest chilli by BBC Gardeners World TV in their 2006 Hottest Chilli Trials.
  • Padron - Chilli Heat 4 This is a great all round chilli to have in the kitchen, it is a medium-sized, bushy plant. Medium to long flat, conical light green fruits, turning red when ripe. Meaty and very tasty.
  • Jalapeno, Heat Level of 6 This chili is well adapted for the UK short-season growing,
    Jalapeno Peppers are among the most popular and commonly available hot chili pepper seeds in the world. Smooth, dark green chili peppers the ripe form of the green Jalapeno is red. Jalapenos are about 2 inches long and approximately 3/4 to 1 inch thick with a rounded tip. Jalapenos are found in a broad range of Latin dishes. Ranging from hot to very hot with a green vegetable flavour, Jalapenos can be easily seeded and added to soups, stews and dips or enjoyed whole when roasted with meats or stuffed with cheese. Red Jalapenos have a sweeter flavour and are often pickled or smoked.


Anonymous said...

I hope you can grow chillies better than than you can spell them

Anonymous said...

last post was from Dad, as you probably guessed, pressed the wrong button

Arno said...

And again

arn said...

third time lucky well done!!