Tuesday, 8 May 2007


The next part was helped by having my dad present who has put up a few greenhouses in the past
with assistiance from peter my father-in-law.
The main assembly was pretty straight forward, the vent a little fiddly, and putting on the rubber sills was being a pain until dad suggested putting washing up liquid onto the frame and they soon were zipping on.
Final inspection carried out by my daughter Isobel.

The next day i put the final pieces of glass in, with only one piece causing much frustration and swearing, how one can not be sitting right when all the others do just is so annoying!!

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BigDoug said...

Looking good my friend. I had exactly the same problem. Greenhouse frame perfect with all levels and angles working out fine. All glass went in without too much trouble expect for the last piece. It was about an inch out at one end and perfect at the the other. Left it as is!!