Tuesday, 1 May 2007

New Allotment

I'm creating this blog as just a record of my gardening year, mostly for myself but also for anyone else who's interested in its progress.
In march/april this year i started a new allotment. I've had one
before for a couple of years after not doing any sort of gardening before and really enjoyed it, growing your own fruit and vegetables was very satisfying.
After moving house i have now got an allotment very close by, a 2 min walk, to start afresh on.

This was it before i started.
It starts at the wooden border at the bottom up to the wall at the back. The soil is good but stony, not as heavy as my last place. It does drain quickly though and is thirsty.
Unfortunately there is no water on site and the blue water barrel you see is not very full which means I'm having to transport water over when i can. My in-laws were a great help with digging it over and we got a lot done quickly in order to get in some potatoes and onions as soon as possible. This was over late March and early April.

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Arno said...

Hi Arn, these pictures are making me envious