Thursday, 24 May 2007

At the allotment

on Tuesday i manages to get a few hours of work in. Mostly it was weeding the central area in order to plant some squash, next to the courgettes 'Albarello di Sarzana' which i got in last week. The squash are the orange skinned 'Uchiki Kuri' which have a sweet nutty flavour apparently. I also put in one more courgette, this time a yellow one called 'Gold Rush'.
This picture shows the seed bed i sowed about a month ago. As i previously mentioned what with little weeds also coming up and my rows not being particularly straight, i still not sure what needs removing and what needs thinning!! I shall have to wait and see. From the far end it was five rows each of beetroot, parsnip, swede and turnip.

The second picture shows a close u
p of the end of the seed bed into which i broadcast seeded some carrots, a 'chantenay' i believe, i'll have to look in my seed box to confirm.

The bottom area was also weeded but was a quicker job having had half of it done previously with help from my father in law, and i have completed the job now. I'm still wondering what to put in it, besides the butternut squash that are still in pots. I was given a Belgium variety of french beans which i have now sown so they could go there too.
In the garden today i have sown another round of spinach, chard and pak choi as a back up in case the directly plot sown ones dont germinate. Even if they do i think i'll have the space for them, and looking around i think next year i could do double the potatoes i am growing currently.


Promoted Robin from Dorset said...

Life is looking sweet at 'Chez Good'. I see you have even embraced the country lingo 'on Tuesday i manages to get a few hours of work in.' I will keep checking in to see how your patch is doing. I am currently being pressured into digging my own patch! love to Han and kids.

arn said...

Yeah thanks for picking me up on that!!!

I'm surprised you have not got a patch already, if you need any seeds let me know.