Sunday, 13 September 2009

work done.

Feels like i got some good work done over the last few days, a good amount of weeding and ground turned over, and started putting in the strawberries from the ones cultivated in the garden growbags.
I managed to get in the first 3 trays, about 10 per tray, so only another 25 ish to go!!

The plot provided a good amount of crops over the last few days for meals in our house which was nice, but the pea's and runner beans are over now, so i cut the beans stems and left them on the canes to dry for next years seed. i also picked some peas to dry in the shed, alongside the sunflower heads for the kids to plant next year.

Still cropping courgettes, cucumbers,carrots, swiss chard and spinach beet. The bak choi is bolting and seems to have attracted caterpillars but the winter lettuce is coming on well, alongside the pumpkins swelling up.

I picked another 15 or so chillis, same variety as before, and strung them up. I'll next pick the JalapeƱo ones which has going to be a smaller crop then the Fresno variety.

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