Sunday, 20 September 2009

another week

passes and i have been down to the plot a couple of times, mostly weeding and digging over areas for the winter. I got in another tray of strawberries, only 2 to go!!
I plan to sow more green manures into the newly dug areas, i saw some of the mustard cress i sowed last year in the shops and will get some of that as it covered a good area last time and not to difficult to dig in.

I noticed also in the area where i removed the broad beans some new shoots have sprouted up, obviously some beans were left behind. Coincidently my
plotter friend gave me a handful of his broad bean seed for overwintering green manure so i put that in around the shoots.

In the greenhouse i picked all the remaining chillis and strung them up, although several went into a 'chilli courgette tomato' relish which is very good.

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