Tuesday, 8 September 2009

pic update

I have raked this area over, its where the potatoes were, and sown up to the rake a green manure 'Hungarian rye'.
This shot below shows the area i sowed with another green manure after lifting the onions. Even though i sowed it pretty evenly it still comes up patchy, which i think is from where i raked the seed in. I may sow some mustard seed into the gaps.
The pumpkin wrapping itself around everything, about 3 good size fruits are coming on now, and in the front are the winter lettuce.The climbing cucumbers have worked well, we have had quite a few from them, 2 picked today are on the top, and they taste quite good, skin is obviously a bit thicker than the greenhouse type.
Isobel eating one of her purple carrots!


Dad Arno said...

Your chillies look much better than mine Max, although my Yellow ones have now all turned yellow. The Scotch Bonnets are begining to turn red.

Grandad Arno said...

Sorry, comment for Max should have come from Grandad Arno

Silly Grandad...........!

Grandad Arno said...

How does the carrot taste Isobel, have you painted a nice picture of it

TheBigGuyfromDorset said...

Good crop buddy. Got my PC back up so found your link again. Fancy coming to dig the garden for me!!