Friday, 4 September 2009

I have managed to get up to the plot a couple of times in the last week, usually briefly, due to the bad weather. Battling the weeds as much as i can, and picking runner beans, peas, courgettes, carrots and raspberries. And cucumbers, which are quite nice, slightly tougher skin.

The beetroots are piling up, i need to start pickling and chutney production soon, in fact i bought some white wine vinegar and other ingredients today, i have a recipe for 'hot tomato chilli and pepper' which i am going to adapt using courgettes also.

A few people had there beans blown over this week, and unfortunately my sweetcorn have been knocked about a bit, the pak choi are bolting and the little gem lettuce went over but i sowed some winter lettuce which is now coming good.

In the greenhouse the tomatoes are slowly ripening, and the ones that do are soon picked and eaten by my son! The chilllis are also doing well, alot have already turned red, and i will harvest and dry them soon.
I also have started drying some of the french beans for next years seed, and found a few pea pods that also had dried so saved them too.
I also acquired some wood, and really really need to start building my own compost bin. I bought a comfrey 'bocking 14' plant and potted that up for next year.

Finally, fruit wise, the strawberries will be put into the plot soon, about 50 plants currently, and the raspberries had a few more canes added to the row but i also noticed a few new canes sprouting up too. I next need to plan where a blackberry plant will go and buy and put it in within the next 2 months.

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