Monday, 2 March 2009


Today i sowed my first chillies and tomatoes and have them currently in a heated propergator.
The chilli i started with was
officially 'the worlds hottest' Bhut Jolokia
The ones i have are dried but the seller thought that i should be able grow from the seeds. I also put a tiny piece to my tongue and yes, its VERY hot. I also sowed some from a fruit that a colleague from India obtained, not sure if it propagate though.
The tomatoes were the plum variety that i did last year 'pomodoro san marzano 2' which were okay but i may try to get another plum variety anyway. The second sown was 'Golden Sweet' which i grew last year and produced loads of good small tasty orange tom's.
At the plot i finish another section of the path, to stop the stones and path slowly coming into the plot.

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Arno of St.Ives said...

Looks good, I am surprised you have time to go to work. Did the two "little helpers" get involved with the manure.