Sunday, 27 April 2008

In the greenhouse are these few pots, at the back in the yellow is Dill, and in the front is the pre-germinated parsnips apart from the front left which is a chard tube.
This is the first planted growbag of the year, some little gem lettuce which look like the first leaves are ready for cutting. The trough of mixed green leaves i planted, not pictured, is coming on strong also and should provide leaves ina week or so.
I started to do dig over the central part of the plot, covered with tarpaulin currently, and will do a part little by little over the next month. This area will be for the summer crops such as the squashes and sweetcorn among others. Below are an example of some of the weeds i dug out of the part pictured. The length of the roots shows how important it is to carefully remove all traces of the roots of courch grass as it regrows so vigorously.
This is a great show of my beans coming through, from the first showing through of green tips and lifting of soil, and the actual opening of bean seed itself.

The sweetcorn starting to come through.
The first sowing of peas has now come through and i'm protect them with some squash bottle cloches, and have also sowed the second sowing and these are getting a warming from the glass panes. I will sow a third lot next week and repeat to try and get a good cropping this year.
The next lot of purple sprouting is coming along now and will be ready for central head removal soon to speed up the side shoot production.
In between the onions i have again sowed a row of carrots, this time Autumn King as companion planting seem to work last year to prevent carrot fly.
The last two rows here next to the border now sowed up with (next to border first) parsnips White Gem, and then swede Marian. The turnips are also now starting to show through so i'll start to thin them soon
Ths solitary white sprouting broccoli is starting to form a head!!

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