Wednesday, 2 April 2008


As i'm off on holiday for a week i have stopped seed sowing about a week ago, the few seeds that have germinated have either died off or are sturdy enough to survive in the greenhouse now with a good watering. When i return the sowing will go into overdrive, starting with tomatoes,chillies and cucumbers, and then tray sowings of beetroots, chard, cabbage, cauliflower, french beans just to start with.

I also just popped over to the plot to get in the first sowing of peas 'kelvedon wonder' which i am determined to properly successional sow this year. I also put in a first sowing of carrots 'early nantes 5' in a space between 2 rows of onions, which seemed successful last year in keeping away the carrot fly. Again when i get back i have plenty of seeds to get straight into the plot, which should be easier now the evening s are lighter.

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