Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Getting lots more seeds sown in the last few days, including a tray of beetroot Bolthardy in case the row i sowed does not come through, a large tray of mixed herbs just to see what comes up and separate pots of orgeano too.
I have also finally sown my tomatoes, which is a variety called Pomodoro San Marzano 2 which is a plum ideal for sauces which plenty of flesh and few seeds. The cucumber variety Telegraph improved also was started in the propagator.

In the greenhouse i transplanted some lettuce seedlings into a trough to grow on and seem to have taken, and also a few little gem lettuce which i put straight into a grow bag and look like the first few leaves will be ready for picking in a week i think. I also planted a single courgette Gold Rush which will be hopefully an early greenhouse provider before the outdoor ones get in season, and a few pots of spinach as the transplanted ones are looking a little weak and i'm not sure if they will survive.

The pots of chard have just come through, as have some of the leeks and broccoli. Still awaiting germination of the sweetcorn, climbing french beans and dill at the moment. The sunflowers and dwarf french beans all look very healthy and look like they want planting out very soon but i'm concerned its to early still with the frisks of frosts.

At the plot i sowed at the bottom end a row of swede Marian and put in a thickly sowed row of parsnips Hollow Crown in a trench of purchased soil which should avoid the problem of my stoney soil causing forking. I also put bottle cloches over the peas that have emerged and sowed a second crop and using some recently acquired window panes erected a glass cloche over that area of soil to warm it up and speed up germination hopefully.

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Arno said...

You seem to have been very busy, do you actually find time to go to work as well.

The last of my chutney has just been used, so any ingredients you have over....................