Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Tasting tomatoes

I have been able to taste test all 3 varieties of my tomatoes, Gardeners Delight, Nyagous and Camp Joy.
Gardeners delight are a common favorite amongst growers as they are good croppers and quite reliable. They have produced for me a reasonable crop this year but they are always quite small and whilst tasting good, are a big plant for small return.
The first new one for me this year is Camp Joy, which has grown well and produced medium sized fruits. Taste wise they have a light flavour, a little disappointing really.
The second new one Nyagous has produced some large sized fruits and averages 4-5 to a truss.The plants have grown well and are very keen to continue putting on new shoots all the time. The fruits when ripe do have a lovely dark blush to them and are quite fleshy and soft inside. i would imagine these cook and break down very easily but taste wise again they are a little light on flavour, so both tom's i would give 6/10.
Next year i need to reduce the number of plants i grow in the greenhouse so i will need to consider which varieties i am going to grow, whether its a beefsteak type or any others.

Also an update on the chillies - all plants are now laden with chillies, the Big Jims have really done very well, and the largest so far is 19cm long. The Etna and Padron are also producing many fruits, and i am looking forward to this tasting session!!!

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