Saturday, 11 August 2007

greenhouse latest

Slight delay updating due to new router problems and basic lack of time! Today i managed to do some tidying up. My two outdoor tomato plants look suspiciously like having blight, certainly potato blight is in the area, so i disposed of them before it spread to my indoor crop. I then thinned out the plants in the green house as firstly they were seriously overgrown and trying to grow more shoots everywhere. I also found a few leaves that looked a little dodgy bearing in mind the outdoor tom's, so i removed them too.
The first photo is the pepper plant which is looking good, two nice sized fruits and many more starting to grow.

This is the black Russian tomato Nyagous, i have several really large tom's, this one being the largest, although unfortunately a victim of my erratic watering as the split skin shows.
The Big Jim chillis are coming along nicely, i must update the competition page even if i'll never win it, 2 of the 3 plants have quite a few chillies.
Some of the 'Gardeners Delight tom's, which while productive does produce small fruits and i dont think i'll grow it again next year.
The thinned out greenhouse, minus a couple of plants. When they are in also it makes watering very difficult and i basically have to crouch at the door and can get in no further. Next year i'm going to have to plan a little better my number of plants.

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bigdougfromdorset said...

Glad to see you have your router problems sorted. I must say that your packed greenhouse does not appear to leave sufficient room for the wingback chair complete with sidetable for the sherry and your pipe and tobacco. I think you may be missing a trick here :-)