Saturday, 16 June 2007

Update Pt 2

Just popped to the plot which has received much needed rain over the last few days and more to come today i believe. Weeds still popping up everywhere, esp. after the rain, but hopefully i will get there on Monday and/or Tuesday to tackle them again! Picked the first broad beans, small but the pods have almost doubled in size since last week, and i think we will try a pea and bean risotto tonight.As for the greenhouse that i looking fuller by the day. The 'Camp Joy' tomato plants are massive, hopefully the crop will be too. I need to check how many flower sets it has and then maybe pinch out the tips if required.Before we went to Tenby for a few days i managed to install the automatic roof vent which appears to be working, currently open in the sun, but not in the picture you see here though.The Chillies all seem to be doing well with little flower buds appearing on most. The 'Padron' (left) is about 3ft tall, and i had to put the 3 'Big Jim' plants into a grow bag after cutting the bottom of their pots out to allow root growth.

Below are photos of the onions i planted before i got the new plot, a grow of lettuce, strawberry grow bag progress including one almost ready strawberry, outside tomatoes plants 'Gardeners Delight' , and the blueberry plant showing some berrys starting to turn their dusky blue. Cannot wait!!.


arno said...

All looking very good, hope you have got that huge tomato plant well supported or the weight of fruit will bring it down. Glad to hear the blueberries are setting fruit.

bigdougfromdorset said...

All looking very green my friend. Bigdougfromdorset has now got himself an allotment. Rick has kindly agreed to sub-let his "spare" plot on the Cranborne allotments. It's a lovely sheltered spot overlooking the "field of dreams" that is Cranborne Football Club. Will be over at the weekend starting the digging!!