Thursday, 21 June 2007

Its still raining

here in wales all the time, so much for june and global warming! I'll chop down a few more trees if it means i can get out and garden!!
The broad beans were okay, nice in the risotto but not to my taste on there own. I'm undecided whether i'll grow them again next year, although they where pretty easy to grow.
In the greenhouse i have a few tiny tomatoes now on the gardeners delight, and flowers on all other variety's. The chillies all look like they will have plenty of flowers, and the pepper plant has already one fruit.
At the plot a lot of weeding again was done on Tuesday morning in between showers, and i was a little disappointed to see the 2 new rows of beetroot i sowed have again had patchy germination. Whether its the soil or the seed I'm not sure, or perhaps the weather is also messing things up? The Runner beans are nicely winding there way up the poles, and i have a second lot to put in as soon as i have a moment.
The lettuces are mostly looking good also, and we soon will be able to pick a few whole ones rather than the catch and come again leaves in the garden grow bag, which has been quite successful.

CONGRATULATIONS also to bigdougfromdorset (or whatever he's calling himself this week ), on getting his plot sorted. Plenty of time to get some stuff in still my friend!!!

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bigdougfromdorset said...

Thanks mate, will be up this weekend with the camera. Will drop you a few pics and may even have a go at this blogging business myself.