Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I have some time off this week so i put in a few hours tidying things up and getting ready for the new season.
I've started planting potatoes, getting in one row of Estima. I also put in several rows of onions, hopefully they'll do better than last year. Varieties this year were Silver moon and Stuttgarter Giant. I also planted one bulbs worth of garlic cloves in a container.
I dressed the soil with chicken manure pellets, threw alot of blood fish bone around, and brought over from the greenhouse last years growbags to add into the soil. Today i also turned over the compost heap to get that started again.
The raspberries are looking healthy and i managed to get it properly wired up to support the canes, and weeded amongst the strawberries too. The purple sprouting broccoli is looking okay, a few look weak and small but mostly they look like producing some shoots. I also put in some wire to support the pea netting, and planted half a row of kelvdon wonder.
I need to look into comfrey plants still, my one is looking healthy now, the comfrey 'tea' is was making probably needs diluting which i need to read up on to get the strength right. I also need to propagate from it some new plants.

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