Saturday, 5 March 2011

Digging has commenced.

First photos of work from this year.
We went down a couple of sundays ago and got to digging the bean trench, quite straight too! We then started removing the old beetroots, parsnips, chard, and carrot still decomposing in the soil after the winter snow. As i dug the kids used their wheel barrow to transport them and put into the trench.
 The majority of the purple sprouting broccoli seem healthy, hopefully cropping in a couple of months. Jobs i need to do soon are planting the onions and garlic, cross posting the raspberry end posts and wiring them up to contain the canes.
Today we went back and finished removing all the old strawberry growth, and did a bit of weeding. The kids wanted to sow something so they threw in some old mange tout seeds from last year i had in my pocket. If they grow I'll just use them as green manure and dig them before they flower.

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