Tuesday, 20 April 2010

the update.

I managed to get some good and long overdue work done today, i had been picking up bits of wood for a while now but never got round to making a compost bin. Well today i rectified that, starting with some left over fence posts from when my neighbour replaced them, the boards are from someones attic which were left in a lane on the way o the allotment last year. The last post was part of an old wooden double bed of ours which we had thrown away, i doubled two struts together, then set about fitting the boards. The 'door' is a thin piece of wood i picked up which i fitted between another part of the bed that i used as batons. Next time i will add a few more boards to increase the height of the bin and empty my black plastic bin into the new one, as i haven't turned it in ages, the bottom half should be good compost ready to spread.

I have also over the last 2 weeks put in the garlic i started in pots, planted some lettuce, and got in the other 2nd early potatoes 'catriona' (i think thats what they were called). I weeded, sowed carrots, and at the greenhouse the beans runner and french dwarf are all coming up well. The kale germinated then died, but the swede, swiss chard and beetroot have all come on well.

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Arno from down south said...

A lot of hard work here, good job you have two willing helpers