Friday, 9 April 2010


Following my night shifts and a couple hours sleep i got down to the allotment and started by putting in the rest of the onions in, so in total there is 2 rows each of Sturon, Hytech F1 and Hyred F1.
I then put in half a row of Mange Tout pea 'Carouby de Mussance' and the other half with pea 'Kelvedon wonder' saved from last years crop. Alongside the first row of onions i put a short row of carrots 'Autumn King'.
The second row of potatoes went in a few days ago also, 'charlottle' the salad crop. I still have second earlies 'Catrion' and main crop Desiree to go in.

In the shed i sowed three trays, one with beetroot 'Bolthardy', swede 'Marion', and dwarf french beans, same variety as it is saved seed from last year (i forget the name!). I also sowed a few chilli 'scotch bonnet yellow'.

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