Saturday, 2 May 2009


So the name of the second chilli is 'Fresno'. And the 2 cucumbers are 'Pepinex' and 'Delta star F1' which is a mini cucumber producing up to 6 fruits a week (if i'm lucky!).

I was able to goto the plot tonight and managed to dig my last potato trench and line it with manure. I'm a bit late putting my main crop in but better late than never. Also discovered and removed a stone the size of a watermelon!

I also planted some celery i bought the other day, 6 plants 'celebrity'.
I then spread some manure over an area i dug over the other day where i intend to plant the summer crops such as sweetcorn and the squashes.

In the greenhouse i planted the cucumbers in a grow bag, the lettuce in another bag are doing well and the spinach is producing leaves now. The two chilli's are in larger pots and look good, and all the outdoor tomatoes and cucumbers look healthy. I potted on all the sunflowers my daughter sowed, and the second tray of climbing beans are just coming through. The 5 courgette plants have also germinated, and i planted 2 test runner beans, the seed were ones i collected 2 years ago so i'm not sure how viable they are. If they dont come good i'll need to buy some more seed. I also started putting up the bean canes over the bean trench at the plot.

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