Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The spinach and radishes doing well, but since i took this the radishes have mostly withered and died for some reason, whilst the spinach seems fine.
Some of the tomatoes and cucumbers, the outdoor cucumbers are doing well, but the small one in the left hand corner is the indoor variety and seems to be doing rather poorly. I'm hoping to grow a couple of the outdoor ones up a trellis at the plot to avoid the slugs.I have also repotted 2 of the Golden Sweet into their large final pots.
Little gem lettuce in the greenhouse. I have also sowed at the plot some Webbs wonderful and another tray of it with a few red/green lettuce also.
The dwarf french beans which have about 80% germination, and i have now sowed a second tray tonight.
The Brights Lights swiss chard which i put into the plot on sunday alongside the lettuce.
At the allotment i also removed completely one of the covers and continued with the digging, adding into it some of the manure. I am hoping to put the sweetcorn and squashes into this area.

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