Sunday, 5 April 2009

Quick summary of the past week.

Put in the second earlies 'international kidney' and after my IL's help by raking over a large area ready for sowing i got in a row of beetroot 'Bolthardy' and carrots 'Early Nantes 5'. I also put in the first of the pea's 'Kelvedon Wonder' alongside the onions and shallots. I also loaded a bag with compost and soil and placed a few spare potatoes (IK) in it.

In the shed/greenhouse i sowed with help of my son a tray of Dwarf French beans, and also a tray of Leeks 'Musslebrough'. I've never had much luck directly sowing leeks and the only time i had a good crop i tray sowed and then transplanted. More tomatoes were potted on, and a few more 'tabasco' chillies were sown as only one has so far germinated. The cucumbers are going along nicely esp. the outdoor ones.
In a trough in the greenhouse i sowed some spinach with a few quick crops alongside, being radishes 'icicle' and 'Hilds roter Neckarruhm' which according to DT Browns catalogue '
'These long, red, mildly spicy roots are eaten as a snack accompaniment to a glass of beer in Germany, served sliced with a little salt'. Sounds interesting!!

My daughter has sown alot more sunflowers, 'irish eyes' and 'giant' and despite "help" from my son, he managed to drop the tray of 'teddy bear' sunflowers he sowed right at the end.

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