Saturday, 9 August 2008


i know its a month since my last post but what with the awful AWFUL weather here in wales i have rarely been down to the plot to be honest, the few times i have i have picked a little produce but also done some weeding which again seem to be growing the most!.

Plus no photos as my camera is dead unfortunately, not sure when I'll have a replacement.

I have dug up all the early potatoes 'Foremost' and am now digging the next 2nd earlies 'Marfon' which is producing a smaller crop per plan' which i am looking forward to tasting.

The swede are looking great and will start to be cropped now, freezing alot i think, the poorly performing turnips are out after all racing to seed straight away, but i sowed a second little row which are loaded with little golf ball size ready for picking. The swiss chard is doing well, as is the spinach beet which we have had several meals from.

The french beans are slowly producing, i need to do alot more next year i feel. Peas are tasty but again needed more intense cropping and better support. Lessons learnt!

The squash are performing at different levels, some of the courgettes plants have given us produce others lagging behind, the butternuts are sitting there doing nothing, and the 'crown prince' pumpkins are slowly growing but not looking promising at the moment unlike 'Jacks' pumpkin which has produced several flowers and 2 fruits which are now melon sized!!
I will be picking the beetroot and pickling soon, and the carrots are looking reasonable healthy. All white onions and garlic are now harvested with the red onions next to come up.
The garlic did quite well,
especially the Purple Georgian White, with the Spanish Roja doing reasonable well also. The onions were quite dissapointing, the Swift slightly better than the Autumn Champion but i think i will try different varities next year and possibly try some from seed which will be a new challange.

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