Tuesday, 8 July 2008

update and pics

A little shot of produce the other day, we eventually had a salad of lettuce, peas, green beans, spinach beet leaves, new potatoes and mackerel fillets, along with fresh bread.The climbing beans starting to ascend the poles, potatoes and peas in the back ground, and dwarf beans next the climbers. And weeds, lots of weeds!
The weeded end of the plot! Parsnips, swedes properly spaced this year, turnips which have been disappointing as they mostly have bolted and failed to grow. Next are the beetroots, and two rows of resown carrots which have come up well thankfully.
My MIL doing some weeding. Much appreciated too.The center part is getting smaller and will soon be able to be uncovered, although its slow progress as the couch grass and bindweed roots are getting thicker towards the middle. On the right are the newly planted butternut squash.
Jacks pumpkin, with a very small yellow fruit forming near the centre.
As i remove the new potatoes the crown prince pumpkins with some manure are going in.
The sunflowers which i had to secure to the railings as the recent winds had almost knocked them over. In front are the sweetcorn and more dwarf french beans in between.

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