Monday, 5 July 2010

early july

Well a long overdue post, but hopefully a full one. After such good weather we've had some rain over the last few weeks which has helped everything come on alot, weeds too!
This shot shows the poor performing potatoes, either they were hit by a frost early on, or it was bad seed potatoes, my other row the other side of the beans is coming on fine. I'm going to probably dig these up soon and use the space for other things.

The strawberries have been great this year, glad i put so many in now, we have had about 7-8 ice tubs full, and the kids have loved going and picking them, stright into the mouth! On the left is the remains of the pea's, which i removed afterwards. At the top of the pea row had been the mange tout which had grown well and lots of flowers but very little crop, so i removed them and have sown a late heavy crop of 'lincoln' peas.

The sweetcorn i put in much earlier this year and they are looking much bigger and healthier this year, we have been enjoying sweetcorn on the BBQ this year so hopefully we'll have a good crop to put on later this year.

Here the courgettes are doing well, i have two plants in there, with another at the end of the plot next to the rhubarb.
At the back are the raspberries which are now producing a good amount , and the dwarf french beans which have given there first crop today.

The french beans, with the garlic behind them which has failed to bulb up, so i am going to remove it soon so create some space. We have had great lettuce, little gem, both from the greenhouse and the plot. At the front is the leeks i put in, although some have failed already, i think i failed to water them enough in the first few days.

The onions are a bit hit and miss, about 50% have come on okay, not huge bulbs by any means, but the other half are poor, the red onions 'hyred' have very poorly performed, many have barelt grown since being put in as sets. Again i am removing these to create more space.

The broccoli and swede nicely growing, with a row of carrots on the left
which i weeded well after the shot was taken


The first crop of runner beans. This year i seem to have bad blackfly on my beans, not a problem i have had before, they're everywhere, although not yet crossed over to the climbing french beans 'isabel'.


Dad from Dorset said...

All looks good to me. The hot weather and lack of water doesn't help much.

looks like the strawberries have been a great success with the "workers"

Matty C said...

Everything looking very good big guy and obviously a big hit with the kids. Many happy returns for today!