Monday, 22 June 2009

First potatoes!!!! Its pretty much 12 weeks since planted so took he plunge and dug some up. these first earlies are 'red duke of york', few small ones so i reckon another week or so and some good sizes should be coming through.

The previous post had photo's of my tomatoes, cucumbers hopefully going to climb up a trellis, a row of french beans with celery behind alongside the overgrown radishes, runner beans, and my massive radishes which i have tasted and affirmed my 'not-so-sure' opinion of them to be honest.

Lots of weeding done, just planted my sweetcorn, 3 butternuts put in but looking pathetic. Four pumpkins planted amongst plenty of manure, and i just removed the radishes to allow the lettuce to get some light and room to grow. I also sowed the last of peas in a thick row.

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