Saturday, 22 November 2008

The top part of the plot with the green manure growing well, the bean trench extended and the spinach beet, carrots and chard dug up and thrown in. I know it looks odd that i did not extend the trench to the row end, but to be honest that would be far to many beans planted than we would ever eat or give away, the length of the trench currently is probably a bit ambitious anyway.

The bottom of the plot with all weeding done. Again the manure is growing, all be it thinner than at the top. Parsnips remain the only crop growing.

The center where i have pulled over the tarpaulin again although the area underneath would not take more than half a day to weed, i am just not sure when i will get to do it. Plus under cover it will dry a bit so that i can pull back and weed without the ground being to boggy.The weed area left i'll also cover and attack when possible.

The chillies hanging to dry turning red, if you look at the slideshow you'll see them at different stages of colours.

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