Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Over the last few days i've done a few more jobs, weeded and potted on a few things.

On the plot i planted some broccoli plants i bought a week ago, and was given 2 brussel sprouts by my neighbour which i swapped for one of my Indian chilli plants. i then planted 2 small rows of spinach beet as the spinach i have sowed is trying to seed already before its in the ground! I also put in the climbing french beans and planted one bean alongside each plant just in case they fail. Plus a little weeding at every opportunity.

In the garden i spent a nice hour this evening having a beer, putting Sonic Youth and Aphex Twin on the stereo, and potting on and planting more seed. The chilli's, 2 Betty's indian (as i've named it, after my colleague) and 2 jalapeno were potted on. Sowed were 8 more dwarf french beans for a later crop, 2 courgette 'zucchini F1' , and 6 crown prince pumpkins seeds from last years crop. I then added another 4 squash in the shape of butternut again from previous years seed.

Next up must be to remove the 4 cabbage plants and sow 2 rows of leeks at the plot, and to thin out the turnips, swede and parsnips again to final positions.

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