Monday, 3 September 2007

Digging it all up,

I've been starting to clear some of the plot, the area which had the potatoes has now got some winter/spring brassics, including claret and white types of sprouting broccolis, 2 cabbage varieties, and one type of cabbage. In total 50 plants now in for the slugs and birds to eat over winter!!!
I have also dug up all the beetroot and pickled it, this time using white wine vinegar and popping a few different chillies into each jar for a bit of a sweeter and hotter flavour this year.
In the greenhouse i have cropped a lot of the green tomatoes and made some chutney today, and will clear a few of the tomato plants out now to give the chillies more room, and hopefully the aubergine will start to fruit soon, lots of flowers but thats all, it maybe to late in the season though which i must check on. To be honest i'm getting into the mood for preparing for next year on the plot and the greenhouse while i have the time and the weather.
The chillies by the way are still looking good with many fruits on all 4 varieties i'm growing. The Etna and JalapeƱo are really quite nice and hot, the Padron and Big Jim bland really, and i have found many of the BigJim have started
going off once they reach about 15cm or so, i keep them with brown/black patches.

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